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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Macabi Hiking Skirt

I'm very excited to have received and worn my new Macabi Skirt!
This skirt is absolutely awesome!
I can't say enough good things about it.

First of all, it comes in three lengths.
I'm 60 years old.
I'm not always comfortable in the mini-length hiking skirts
that I find at REI and other sporting stores.
Those are made for slender women or younger women.
I'm just not comfortable in them.

The Macabi can be purchased in three lengths.
All are below the knee.
I'm 5'3" and I chose the Short length.
It is perfect!

Which length you get depends on your height.
Here are some photos of Carol, who is 5'6" wearing short, medium, and long.

 On the other hand, Kristen is only 5'2" so the short and medium fit her like this:

There are so many things I love love love about this skirt.
First of all, it gives you privacy using the toilet along the trail.
No bare-bottoming it!
Just find your bush, squat, and do your business in privacy.

Second, it is sturdy.
The fabric is nylon, but it is very tough.
It will not snag and will take a beating.

Third, because it is like nylon, it dries in TWO HOURS or less!
This is a great thing for the Camino!

Next.. it can be made into pants, for scrambling over rocks, or if it's cold.

This is done by means of a lightweight strap and hook that hangs from the waist. You simply clip the hook onto the inside hem of the BACK of the skirt, and voila!

Next, it can be made into SHORTS if the weather is hot or if you need to wade.
This is done by means of heavy duty snaps on each side. 
You just life the side up and snap it and you have shorts!

You can also wear the skirt as a shorter skirt but just using the side snaps:

This skirt has awesome pockets!
They are very deep and roomy and they are self-draining, in case of rain.

And, in addition, in the right hand pocket is a secret zippered pocket where you can keep your cash. It's nice because there is a little loop you put the zipper pull through, and it's nearly impossible for a pickpocket to open.

Last of all, you have a skirt for dinners and for wearing into the Cathedrals, so you are appropriately dressed for church. I remember a time when women were not allowed into the churches in Spain and Portugal in pants, and many older people still find it offensive to show up in shorts or pants if you're female. This skirt allows you to be more culture-friendly and not have to carry extra gear.

I bought this skirt last week and wore it for 4 days.
It shed dirt and did not need laundering and probably would go more than a week on the Camino.  It was very comfortable. It has an elastic waist and a drawstring for when you lose that Camino weight.  I'm definitely taking this on the trail with me and I'll report back. But so far, I'm pretty happy!  

I can see me wearing this with wool leggings if it is cold or windy.
I can see me wearing it with just panties if it's hot.

It is not inexpensive, like any good gear. 
You get what you pay for. 
I paid $75.
If you are an XS or XL, you can sometimes get them for $50 so check the mark-down basket.

If you're not sure what size to get, do what I did.
Order two sizes.
I ordered the Medium and the Large.
The medium fit, so I sent the large back for a refund,
no problem.

Here is the link: Macabi skirt

Be sure to read all of the testimonials. 
That's what sold me.... that and owning my very own Macabi!

Buen Camino!


  1. Thank you, Annie! I just ordered one in the Bark color to try out. With all the hiking and exploring I've been doing, and especially with working at a lodge near Yellowstone and a lake this summer, it looks like a wonderful idea.

  2. Have also bought one for my first camino in august-september this year. Still waiting for it to arrive but when it does I'll take it on a test hike in the Swedish mountains.

  3. Mine worked out great! I decided I only needed one. Wore the same one almost every day and it still looks like new. They just don't hold dirt.

    I have two for sale if anyone is interested. Both like new. One is a fawn color. One is charcoal

    I will sell each for $45 which is close to half price. They can be shipped after July 17 once I'm home.

  4. Do you still have the skirts for sale? If so, I'm interested in the charcoal one. Thanks.

    1. Yes I do! Send me your private email and I'll respond tomorrow. I won't publish it here.

    2. My daughter just seen the skirts and wants to know if you have the fawn one as well? We'll take both if you have. Also would you ship it next day as I need the skirt for Monday. Thank you so much!

  5. Awesome!

  6. I love hiking in a skirt. Though I have not tried the Macabi, I love the way you describe it, very versatile.

  7. Yes, very practical along the camino when the need for a toilet comes up! No more worries about the lack of a door to lock there behind the blackberry bushes.


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