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Saturday, May 11, 2013

VDLP 2013: Albergue Turistico in Torremejia

If you enter town via the viaduct you will come to a crossroads right before the village. On your right is a sign pointing to an Albergue Rojo. Ignore it.

Instead, see the sign on your left, a big green sign advertising Palacio de Los Lastras. You will turn LEFT and follow the green arrows. The Albergue is behind the Church you will eventually come to.

The Albergue is just gorgeous and the owners are very nice. The number to reserve your bed is 924.340.407 or 924.340.046. You can also email for reservations.

The shower was good and hot. There are dorms and one room for 1, 2, or 3 to share.

They have a pilgrim menu at 2 pm for 8 euros. The food was very good, although maybe not as much food as I've come to expect. Breakfast is 2 euros. Washer is available as is bag transport.

I love Spanish doors!

You go up these stairs to the dorms.

There is a nice bright dining room.

A sunny sitting room.

A bar

Looking out at the sun

This is one of the private rooms available here.

I nabbed this bed in the dorms - all alone in a corner.
The dorms

Nice hot showers!

The Menu del Dia served mixed salad, gazpacho, pasta and scrambled eggs for first plate.
Second plate was pork with potatoes, calamari (squid) and salad, or baked fish with salad.
Dessert was included, but drink was not.
All for 8 Euros!
Prices were posted.
Here is the phone number in case you want to book your room ahead.
There were only 3 other people the night I stayed.

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  1. Another very clean looking albergue and great photos none the less. The trip is as much a culinary adventure as a walking one! My taste buds are pinging.


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