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Thursday, May 16, 2013

VDLP 2013 Day 7 - Alcuescar to Aldea del Cano

The trail today was interesting. 
There were times I was walking 
through fields of wildflowers, literally. 

It is a beautiful Camino in the Spring!

If you are following Melanie's app, 
there were again some differences.
 I got to a place out of Alcuescar where the MAIN road 
curved around to the left 
and there was a small dirt path (with a flecha) off to the right (as her app states). 
She says stay on the main road. 
So I did. And guess what? 
 The road made a circular turn, 
passed a hito pointing back to a different trail toward the Camino
 and began heading back to Alcuescar. 
In fact, I met pilgrims coming toward me.

 So I turned around and followed the new path by the hito, 
which appeared to be in the correct direction.
 Soon I saw Casas ahead.

But then, 
I decided to stay on the main trail and not turn off to Casas. 
It worked out great. 
At the big highway I turned right and walked about 1/4 mile to the trailhead,
 missing the climb into and out of Casas.

I arrived in Aldea before noon
 and was surprised to find 5 of the 9 best beds 
being saved by a Spanish pilgrim who had bussed here early this morning.

A few folks who had planned on staying moved on. 
I grabbed a bed.

Then while I was in the bar, 
an official looking dude came in 
to discuss booking the Albergue for workers on the rail and road.
 I understand the are already booking beds up ahead. 
That sucks. 
Several walkers from the forum are having trouble up ahead.

So I'm thinking I may stop at Caceres this year and bus to Pamplona. 
Maybe I will just do the VDLP in stages; 
a little section each year. 
But we will see. 
I tend to change direction with the wind.

I do know I don't have the stamina nor the will to race for beds. 
I'm here to walk. 
 I will decide after the rain stops


  1. Saving beds in an alberque?! I didn't know one could do that or are things different on the VDLP. that must be frustrating! I f the ablerques were for pilgrims. I feel your frustration!

  2. Signs of the times. Economic hardship may bring a number of changes and locals may end up being housed in the Albergues??

  3. Whatever happened to possession being nine-tenth's of the law? Reminds me of the first time I came across the concept of 'Bags this' when I was a child; as you made your way to a desk, some kid would roar from outside the classroom 'I 'bags' the desk by the window, etc. Next time this happens Annie, just lay on the bed with your boots and a smile of 'No comprendo'. May you find your bed without any difficulty for the rest of your walk.


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