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Thursday, May 16, 2013

VDLP 2013: Aldea del Cano Albergue

There is one room with bunk beds here. Then another side room with bunks. Then a larger room with a single bed and two sets of bunks, for a total of 9 beds. There appear to be 3-4 mats available as well.

The walls do show evidence, indeed, of prior chincha (bedbug) residence, so pilgrim be aware. However, the hospitalero at Alcuescar assured me it is still too cold for the little buggers. I hope like hell he is right!!

There is a nicely stocked kitchen, a good hot shower, a washing machine (but no clothesline), and thank God, a heater!

I'm happy, at least for tonight. :)
A nice kitchen

And HEATERS to help dry the clothes!


  1. Hahaha, is it ever too cold for bed bugs? Hope you made it through the night.

  2. At least for tonight, you are warm, secure and sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow is another may be walking as I type this at 9:30 pm Portland time.


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