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Thursday, May 09, 2013

May 9, 2013 - All my Senses

For me, Spain is not just about what I see, 
but what I smell, 
and hear.

Like now, for instance.

I'm sitting in El Parque de Paz, the Park of Peace, 
in Zafra, 
in the cool shade of a stand of cypress trees 
and it is anything but quiet! 
 I haven't heard so much bird life since I was a child. 
There is a cacophany of life going on 
high up in the treetops!

I can hear a dove cooing and it's mate calling back. 
"Coo-coodle-coo! coo-coodle-coo! coo-coodke coo!"

I hear the cry of a peacock as he flies overhead. 
 It reminds me of my friend back home, Heidi! 
 She makes everyone laugh with her perfect imitation. 
I bet she's doing it right now up at the Beltaine campout!

An angry jay is scolding a cat 
and I can even hear bees buzzing around the fragrant roses and honeysuckle. 
I haven't heard bees in quite some time. 
Monsanto is killing the bees in the USA

There are tweets and chirps and whistles and chucks. 
There are staccatos and rests.

Mr Gato wandering around under the trees 
must be salivating as he contemplates his lunch. 
No wonder he is so fat and fluffy. 
This place is a happy hunting ground! 
And one bird keeps advertising the food is
 "Free! Free! Free! Free!"

I wish I could record this music and share it with you. 
It's quite amazing. 
Be sure and take a rest in the park when you are in Zafra!

I dropped into a tiny church,  
the Antigua Iglesia de Santa Catalina, also known as "La Vieja."  
I couldn't stay long because they were burning joss sticks,
 but it was a pretty church and I saw some nice stumpwork embroidery there.
 I left a 2 Euro donation.
The joss sticks were overwhelming.
Made my eyes water.

Another Sorrowful Mother.

Gorgeous Stumpwork!


  1. Spring is in the air, eureka. Love to be there. Sounds of bird life is still full volume in our National Parks in New Zealand but El Parque de Paz, the Park of Peace sounds wonderful. Damn Monsanto. Love your descriptions.

  2. What else to say but Buen Camino?!! Well, to tell the truth, I could add...I wish!


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