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Friday, May 17, 2013

VDLP 2013 - Day 8 - Caceres and Alberge Veletas

Albergue Veletas charged me 15 euros per night for a wee cell of my own. 
It's not the brightest place on the Camino 
but it is affordable, clean, and I have my own space
 and that makes me happy.

Walking out to find the tienda,
 I ran into Patsy from England and Elizabeth from Australia. 
They both are on the same Camino Santiago forum we all frequent.

They recognized me by my Macabi Skirt (which I have grown to love, by the way). 
It was like meeting old friends. 
I love that forum!

They paid 15 euro and were put into a 4-bed dorm 
which made me wonder if I had misunderstood my tariff. 
But I checked and 'todos son mismos' so all is well.

Being in old Caceres is like stepping back into a medieval town. 
A five minute walk from my Albergue and I'm lost in a time warp. 
 And to make it even better, for some reason unknown to me, 
everything (almost) is free today!

I paid a euro to see each church. 
But more on those later. 
 Here are some photos of the Albergue and of my lunch! 
 There are so many good things to eat, 
my pack keeps getting heavier and heavier! 
 Hopefully, carrying this weight will make me lighter and lighter! Lol.

The black paste is black olive pâté. 
This was 2,55 euros and it can be carried in the mochilla in cool weather. 
It's a great option for a vegetarian. 
A little goes a long way. 
It has olives, oregano, salt. 
 Pâté Aceituna Negra. Yum!

I also picked up a 3-pack of olives stuffed with sardines. 
These are tiny cans and they have pop tops. 
They are good on a sandwich. (Bocadillo)

Lastly, I needed something sweet in the mornings 
so I got these tiny packets of marmalade.

Two naranjas y una tomate and now all I need is a donkey !

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  1. Sounds great, catching up with friends and finding all that scrummy food :)


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