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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Decorating my Pack

My backpack is getting pretty old and I thought it might be fun to spruce it up a bit. Mermaid Lillian put flowers all over her pack a few years ago, so using her example, I used puff paint and decorated my pack with colored dots.

Then, I added eyes.
I'm not sure why
I just thought it would be fun
Maybe a charm to help me find my way?

So here is my silly pack
If nothing else, it's identifiable!
See the forum patch?

I also decorated my waist bag with arrow and an eye.

If you see me on the trail, please say hello

Love, Annie.


  1. I love it!! You will be remembered by all you meet on the way and you will make many new friends. I've been thinking of you, counting down the days..only 4 days til you leave.

    Buen Camino, dear friend

  2. Looks great! Mine needs a few new spots filled in. Buen Camino!


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