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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

VDLP 2013: Fresno International

I was told to be at the airport at 4 am, 2.5 hours before my flight. I'm not sure why they tell people this, because the checking gate didn't open until 5 am. But at least I was the first in line!

I had a lovely pat-down by TSA, she could have charged me for a massage and I would have paid. So I feel secure.

Now comes the first stretch into Phoenix. The nice ticket counter man put me in seats with no neighbors so maybe a mask won't be required for the entire flight. So far, only two people have been drenched in cologne and they were men. Why do they do that?

Well. I'm off on a new adventure!
I'm looking forward to finishing the Via de la Plata!

Will post from Madrid.


  1. What a moment that is! That excited/relieved "I'm actually at the airport! I'm really on my way!" moment.


  2. Bon Voyage and Buen Camino! Will send you lots of prayers for the flight and the air you breathe.

  3. Your on your way!! I'll look forward to your post from Madrid!
    Buen Camino, SantiagoAnnie!

  4. Haha Jeff. It's a good feeling !

  5. que se deriva de (God be with you).


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