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Friday, May 10, 2013

VDLP 2013: Albergue Carmen in Villafranca

I stayed in Albergue Carmen, a very nice place!
It's on the right side of the road, and upstairs.
There is a nice market nearby.
She has a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a good laundry area.

I've hooked up with a group of peregrines for tomorrow. Two Swiss, 1 America (Lisa), 1 Mexican and a Dutchman. We have decided to hire a taxi tomorrow to Almendralejo and then to walk to Torremejia from there (14k). The taxi is 13 euros and will need to make 2 trips. So it is a great deal.


  1. It looks spotless and thank goodness you got a charger *tick* Oh, and was amazed how hot it must be over there already looking at your photos and the blue skies. Looking forward to Merida.

  2. I too had to look up roncadores...wheres your ear plugs. I won't leave home without them or melatonin. The alberque looks pretty nice. I had my whole family up here for a BBq tonight. Tomorrow, Sharon and I are headed for Ashford, WA to see "Six Ways to Santiago" So looking forward to it. Between your blog and that documentary, it will almost be as good as being on the Camino...almost... sigh...

  3. Lovely albergue!!
    You will enjoy Mérida, it is a lovely town.National museum of Roman art is one of the nicest I visited.


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