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Thursday, May 09, 2013

VDLP 2013 Day 1: Zafra

May, 2013
There are two albergues in Zafra. One is the donativo municipal. It is clean but stark.  I showed you the posters for both in the previous post.

The other albergue is a private and is called Albergue de San Francisco. It costs 10 Euros plus 2 Euros if you want desayuno. It is absolutely beautiful!

This albergue has 3 rooms with 5 to 6 beds in each. It has nice showers for each room. There is a kitchen where you can cook, a beautiful patio and garden. It opens at 11 am. They allowed me to leave my mochilla there while I saw the city. Very, VERY nice people!
Nice rooms.

Hot showers!

Nice clean bathrooms.

I spent the morning seeing the Alcazar, and the museum at the Convent de Sta. Clara.
Both were gratis though the Museu accepts donations. 

The Alcazar was built by Lorenzo de Figueroa, the Duke de Feria, in 1437.  It's a really cool fortress that has battlements and a keep. There are 9 towers and you can ask for a key and walk up on the roof. It is now a Parador Hotel, so if you have some extra Euros, you can sleep there!  It's really quite a lovely building, and worth seeing.

Courtyard with fountain.

Long quiet halls.

There was some gorgeous furniture!

Zafra from the battlements

There were spectacular views in all four directions.

Next I visited the Convent de Santa Clara.
The Convent was built by the first Duke de Feria and his wife in 1458.
Their funeral monument is made of alabaster
and built into the wall of the main altar.
 The Baroque altarpiece is from the 17th century.  

There were many treasure to be seen in the Convent.
This flay was used to whip oneself to pay for sins.

A life sized Baby Jesus

Beautiful Courtyard - for the nuns only!

The altar flowers were fresh and very fragrant


Well, they looked better than they tasted!

You don't see the nuns. You say what you want,
put your money in the little revolving door,
it turns,
and out come your cookies!

The place to buy sweets is easy to miss - watch for the door under the staircase.
After visiting the convent and museum
I bought cookies from the nuns.
I didn't really like them
but it was fun buying them,
and I was happy to help the nuns.

It has been a wonderful day.
Now it is time for some lunch and a siesta.
Below are more photos of Zafra.

Hasta luego!


  1. Buenos Dias Annie, I posted on your previous post, only it didn't get posted :( I hope this one shows up. I loved the photos and the description of the Alberque. I'm thinking you are probably walking by now? Can't remember how many days you said you would be in Zafra. I'll be walking the Camino with you vicariously through your posts, just as I did with Girls On the Way. I'm with you in spirit. Adios Peregrina.. Patty

  2. This Alburgue looks really lovely! Can't wait to read how your trip goes. Buen Camino.

  3. Beautiful (almost) like being there. Marvellous shots.Ty.

  4. What a lovely place, I hope I get there one day! Stay safe and enjoy! PerigrinaIr


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