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Friday, May 17, 2013

VDLP 2013: Just a taste of Caceres

Just a taste of Caceres. Tomorrow I will take lots of photos. It is a beautiful old town!
Inside the Tower 

Spiral Staircase, looking down...

Beautiful stump work


Cistern under the museum


  1. Magnificant. Love it. Thxs Annie. Mind the spooky KluKlux?? garments would tell a tale or two.

    1. Those are from a fantastic museum about Semana Santa. Each Confraternity and Group has their own color and style. If you have never heard if Semana Santa, do a Google Image search. It is absolutely fantastic. I was in southern Spain one year for it and was blown away by the beauty of it

      I do believe this MUST be where the KKK got their costume idea. Would be an interesting research question. Lol.


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