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Monday, May 13, 2013

VDLP 2013: Lunch and the Merida Albergue

Since in staying in a hotel I thought it might be nice to at least go see the Merida Pilgrim Albergue.

After a quick stop for 1/2 roasted chicken (4,50 euros) and some helado limon (1 euro) I walked along the cool riverside, shaded by sycamore trees, and made my way to the Albergue.

You can find these roast chicken places all over Spain.
The birds are small and done to perfection.
I ordered a half for myself.

If you enter Merida via the Puente Romano or if you enter via the Puente Lusitania, it doesn't matter. As soon as you cross either bridge, you make an immediate left. Follow that riverside street to the Albergue, which is alongside the river bank.  You have the option of going down steps and walking along the river. It was shady and cool and I really enjoyed the walk.

It was a perfect opportunity to enjoy a gelato!

Lemon Gelato - Perfect!

The albergue was very nice. There was one dorm with about 8 bunk beds (16 beds total), nice bathrooms, a sink for hand washing and a machine. It looked like the kitchen only had a microwave but there are plenty if inexpensive meals to be had here.

There was a sign at the top of the walkway.

The dorm appeared to be clean.
I did some asking around and learned there were only 3 pilgrims staying so far. There had been news of theft in this albergue, but I have to wonder if it wasn't local people, since the doors were left open and trusting pilgrims had left some expensive gear on the beds (not smart).  People need to remember that Spain is the real world and either not take things you can't afford to lose, or keep your valuables with you at all times!

Across the street from the Albergue is a tiny market and if you keep walking past three rotundas, you will find a very large supermarket. Getting there you will pass under one train track and over another. You will pass a park on your right with the aquaduct in the distance. Keep going, curving a bit to your right but staying on the main road to the third rotunda. On the other side of the rotunda is the supermarket. It also has sundries like sun cream and first aid items. It's maybe about 1 k from the Albergue.

Next trip, I think I'll stay here!

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