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Saturday, May 11, 2013

VDLP 2013: Lunch in Torremejia and Albergue Rojo

I had a nice lunch at my albergue. 
First course was a creamy cold gazpacho. 
It was very good! 
 Next plate was calamari and salad. 
The calamari was tender, hot, and tasty. 
The salad could have been a wee tad larger.
 Dinner came with bread and dessert. 
I had flan. 
Drink was not included.

Wonderful gazpacho!

I love calamari!
After lunch I walked to town to see what the Albergue Rojo looked like. To me, compared with the one I am in, Rojo was dark and not as nice. That part of town is busier but also not as nice. It has a run-down feel while out here on the edge, it feels more "Camino-y."

Take my advice and for the same money, come to Albergue Turistico. 
It is lovely, new, clean, and affordable

If you don't want to eat here there are plenty of bars in town. There is also a Dia market if you want to picnic.

I spent some time just poking around the edges of town.

Church was closed.

These appear to be ovens?

Not sure what bush this is, but it was so fragrant!

I laid on a bench and stared up through these limbs for a while...

View from my dorm window.
Tomorrow morning early I head for Merida. 
I want to get there in time to visit the museum, which will be closed on Monday.

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  1. Taking the green arrow route sounds the best choice by far. Invaluable advice Annie.


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