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Sunday, May 12, 2013

VDLP 2013: Rudolph Valentino and Chocolate

By the time I could see Merida up close it was after 9:30. I knew the Museum was not on the edge of town and that there was no way I would make it before 10 am. I had no idea how large the Museu de Artes Romano was, but I did know it closed at 2 pm and would not be open tomorrow according to the website. So I began praying for a taxi.

Down the gravel road comes flying a tiny car driven by an older gentleman. I flagged him down and asked if he would call me a taxi. I explained my situation, how important it was to me to see this museum. He said he was sorry. He didn't know the number for the taxi. But then he smiled and said, "Get in! I'll take you!"


Rudolfo - "Not Valentino!"
I was so happy! I thanked him a million times as he maneuvered his wee car backwards to a place he could turn around. I told him my name and asked his?

"Rudolpho! Y no Valentino!"

We both cackled.

We had a nice conversation in my pigeon Spanish and he dropped me off within two easy blocks of the museum, pointing me in the right direction.

"Buen Voyage!" he told me as I thanked him again.

"Tu eres MI Rudolph Valentino!" I told him

He laughed as he drove into the wind.

Another great adventure!

I stopped for a cafe con leche and a chocolate pastry, then made my way to the Museu. Turns out I had plenty of time. I'll cover the museum in my next post.


  1. Hahaha, your angel in disguise, nice fellow.

  2. I'm dreaming of Spanish cafe con leche. Loved your Rudolph Valentino story.


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