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Monday, May 13, 2013

Second Brekkie in Tourist Zone

By the time I finished Sta. Eulalia's I was hungry so I stopped for a bite at Restaurante Naya II, just up the street from the Art Museum.

Here is the menu to give you an idea of prices around the tourist area of Merida.

Love those Spanish hams!

There's nothing like fresh squeezed zumo de naranja!
My favorite breakfast in Spain!


  1. Wow, that is so reasonable, ty.

  2. Second breakfast? My family is big on second breakfast. I'd much rather have a savoury morning tea than a sweet one. Good on you.

  3. What? No cafe con leche? Oh...this was your second breakfast. How's the walking? How many kiometers are you walking each day. Wish I had a map so i could follow you. I'll look for one. Ultreira! (Spelled right?)

  4. Tomorrow I bus to Caceres. I may pop up to the Frances soon. A lot if detours due to road and rail construction ahead and the workers are filling the albergues. :(

  5. Hmm...that's a bummer. You gotta be flexible, I guess.


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