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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

VDLP 2013 - Thermal Baths in Aljucen

Aqua Libera in Alucin.
Heaven for weary pilgrims.

I had heard about the thermal baths in Alucin,
and was pleasantly surprised when I passed right by them!

The door to the Baths
Posted and easy to read, 
I found the rates.
1.5 hours for €5 for Pilgrims.

The Menu of Prices

I rang the bell and made an appointment to come back later,
after I checked into the Albergue.

Walking in, I felt I had walked into 
a house in Pompeii.
There was an inner garden with a pool
and a small altar with the household gods.

A little altar at the entrance.
Upon entering, you are in this room.

I was taken out another door and into a garden.

From the garden area, 
we entered the baths.
I was given a locker and a lock for my clothes,
and a big fluffy towel.
I thought I must be in heaven!

The baths are private.
After you pay your €5, 
you (and your guests) 
are the only people allowed in 
until your time is up.
Suit is optional as nobody will be in there except you.
It is totally private.
One of the candles

The room has three baths; 1 very cold, 1 warm,

and one which is nice and hot!

All of this luxury for 5 euros!
Don't miss it! 
It really helps those tired pilgrim muscles.

Buen Camino!

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