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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

VDLP 2013 - Day 6 - Alucin to Alcuescar

I began about 6 am, just in time to watch the sun rising in the Park. 
A "red sky at morning, sailor's warning' 
which turned out to be right ! 
I had to wear my Altus rain poncho about half way here 
and at this moment, 
I'm snug in my bed for an afternoon map while it thunders and pours rain outside.

A couple of Italian pilgrims

A beautiful cork tree

Wild Lavender

I'm so happy I didn't bus this section.
The walk through the Natural Park was mostly on gently rising dirt path. 
Occasionally, there would be rocky path 
but for the most part it was smooth and flat.

Well , it was almost flat. 
The hills sort of snuck up on you. 
I was walking along and suddenly I thought, "Dang! This pack is HEAVY!" 
 Then I realized it was because I was gradually climbing.

For the most part, Melanie's app was good. 
But there were a few differences. 
For one thing, as you near Alcuescar, you will notice signs with yellow arrows. 
One direction says "H" for hostel and the other says "A" for Albergue. 
This is the Albergue run at the monastery do if you want to stay there, you go left.

After a while you go off the gravel road onto a pavement.
This is where Melanie's app is wrong.
She says the road splits and you go RIGHT to the Albergue.
This is incorrect.
The dirt path to the Albergue splits off to the LEFT.
 If you take the right path,
I think you'll end up high in the village.
The left path is much more direct.

The Albergue does not open until noon
 and there are plenty of beds,
so stay for breakfast in Aljucen
unless you are starting early to beat the heat.

This Albergue closes between 2:30 and 4:30 for rest.
Mass is at 6:30 and dinner at 7:30.
The Albergue is donativo.
There is a place to charge your mobile,
but I haven't found wi-fi yet.

That's about it. 
I walked this 22 kilometer stage in about 5 hours. 
I took my time, stopping for breakfast and a foot-rubbing break.

Tomorrow if it is not storming
I will walk to Aldea de Cano. 
If it is raining I will bus to Caceres 
because Aldea doesn't have hot water and I don't want to get chilled 
with no way to warm up.


  1. Good timing dodging that rain storm and I like the sound of that Albergue. Glad you found a snug spot for the a/n. From the looks of one of your photos some people like to do things the hard way. Thxs for the tips.

  2. I'm happy you didn't take the bus too. The alberque sounds warm and cozy with the thunder thundering and the rain raining. Hope your rest was good. And your walk delightful!


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