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Sunday, May 12, 2013

VDLP 2013: Merida - Uncertainty Ahead

I have heard from other people that there is a lot of construction of a highway or rail line up ahead. This is leading to long detours and full albergues (with workers).

So I will be bussing some stages until I get past the construction.

Looks like I may end up on the Frances earlier than expected.

Today I finish seeing Merida. I am waiting now for my delivered breakfast then I am off.

It arrived and is just fine for 3 euros. Seconds upon request.


  1. Looks a nice brekkie and is that toast?

  2. That is a cafe con leche, no? Nothing in Spain got old for me faster than cafe con leche every day! Seeing that typical boring Spanish breakfast makes me appreciate my wonderful, unhealthy, southern-country style breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast with jam, home fries, salt-cured ham.... and American coffee!

    That said, I admit that a good chocolate croissant did make the cafes con leche go down....


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