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Thursday, May 16, 2013

VDLP 2013: Yes!

I'm really enjoying the 'Just One Thing' book. The last few days I've been able to practice the following:

Get More Sleep.
Unbelievably, I have been getting iver eight hours of sleep each night. Even the snoring, farting pilgrims aren't keeping me awake. I'm not sure why. Maybe because the walking wears me out. But I think it's a combination of the walking AND the other exercises in the book, which go very far to reduce stress and bring a calm, peaceful mind.

I have also decided to try the siesta. On the past I refused, thinking if I took a nap midday, I wouldn't sleep at night. But it seems the opposite is true. A 30-45 minute nap seems to set in motion the idea that the day is coming to a close and its ok to move slower. I like it!

Take Pleasure
This is something I used to do. When you drink a cup of coffee, take pleasure in the aroma, the bitterness on your tongue, the heat as you swallow. Give yourself a neck rub. Smell the roses. Enjoy watching a child playing or pet a dog.

Say Yes.
Instead of negatives, say yes to everything. Yes, it us raining. Yes, the Albergue is full. Yes there are poor hungry people in the world. Yes my boss is a jerk. Yes, the sun will shine tomorrow. Yes, my feet hurt. Yes, the trail is beautiful. Just 'yes.'

If someone says something negative, respond with a positive. "That baby has two heads!" "Yes, and two heads are better than one!" "This Albergue has chinches!" "Yes, everything eats something!"

Say no in your mind. Then say yes. Which FEELS better? One closes you off from the world. One draws you in.

Try saying yes in different tones. A cautious yes. A confident yes. A rueful yes. A happy yes


Ps. Someone remind me to say yes next time I complain! Yes, it is easier said than done! Lol


  1. Hahaha, I ticked all 3 boxes and yes what you say does make sense.

    1. Good!
      Made sense to me too. :)

      So yes,, it is crazy hard typing in this phone. Yes, my fingers type 'if' and the print says 'of.' Or the fingers type 'on' and the text says 'in.' And yes, people will understand what I'm saying anyway. And YES, it drives me crazy but it's too much work to correct on the iPhone. Yes it is! Lol.

  2. Yes! Yes! So much more fun than no, no. And, yes it is easier said than done, however, it can be done! And will do it! Being positive, saying yes, opens so many more doors than being negative and saying no. Good on you, Annie.

  3. Learning to say "yes" -=again=- is as important as learning to so "no". Loving the posts, it makes me remember my time in Spain all those years ago, and wishing I could go back.

  4. Buy a ticket and come walk the Camino!


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