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Monday, June 10, 2013

Albergue San Miguel

Today I am in Hospital de Orbigo. 
I chose to stay in the Parochial Albergue for old times' sake. 
But I thought I would visit San Miguel Albergue and I'm happy I did!

The wifi wasn't working at the parochial and Marianne, 
San Miguel's sweet hospitalera from Brazil
 allowed me to send a few emails using their wifi. 

Marianne is a dancer, singer, and massage therapist!  
I wanted to schedule a massage 
but the available time was too late for my schedule.
 So maybe next time. 

San Miguel is at the end of the village on the Main Street on the left. 
Accommodation is 7 euros.
 With breakfast you pay 10 euros. 
A habitacion individual is 20 euros. 
With two people 30 euros.
 That includes breakfast. 

There is beautiful music to invite you 
along with natural light streaming in from above. 
The walks are covered with fine art 
donated by very talented pilgrims. 
It's really quite a peaceful place to rest. 
Please give it a try next time you walk the Camino. 

Here are some photos. 

The last photo is of Eunmi from South Korea.
 She and I passed each other several times today on the Camino. 
We shared a half dozen carton of eggs in the market 
where we finally exchanged names. 
Sharing food is a good way to make new friends on The Way . 

Jus a door handle I liked!

These rocks made me laugh!



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  1. Looks a lovely spot. I'd make sure to stop here. Thxs Annie and I'd also make sure to book a massage.


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