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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Transition

Two mornings ago, a bird came to my window and tried to get in. 

In my family this is an omen of death and whether you believe in omens or not, it is very real to us. We are a superstitious lot in many ways. 

I emailed my ex and asked him to please call my mother to be sure she was alright. I was also worried about my 96 year old aunt. He emailed back that all was well at home and the bird made a mistake. 

I haven't rested easy. The bird isn't frivolous. It doesn't make mistakes. 

I just received the sad news this morning that my sister in law, Pinky, is in the Hospital and they do not believe that she will last another 24 hours. 

Prayers and energy for an easy transition are requested. 

Also, please send her daughter Siobhan and son Jared energy to deal with their mother's transition. 

This has been a difficult Camino for me on so many levels. First Methodist Pilgrim, now Pinky. 

Birth and death. Joy and sadness. Tranquility and frustration. Change.  All are a part of this adventure we call Life. 

It's difficult being so far away when the family needs you. I'm torn. I'm weary. I'm sad. I'm struggling. 

Maybe it's time to stay home for a while. 

I love you, Pinky!  

You are one strong red-headed wonder!  What fun we have had!  We've raised some hell and had some good laughs!  Remember all those May dances? Bonfires at Panorama? Getting my tattoo? 

Siobhan's Fairy Godmothers will help her. Don't worry. She will be fine. So will Jared. I'm sorry you didn't get to see your newest grandbaby. 

Now get on that boat and cross that river!  I'm lighting candles all day to help you find your way. I will even pay the boatman! 

May you have peace, and freedom, and reunion with Adele, Gwen, Pat, Juliana and all those others who have gone on before. 

Go gently, Lady. 


  1. Annie, that was beautiful and eloquent. I know you time on the Camino has not been easy this time. You have been tested time and time again and you've been brave and strong. So cry when you need to and come home if that's what you need to do. I'm thinking of you every day.

    Love and Peace...Patty

  2. Sorry I didn't check in earlier, but prayers you have!

  3. That is so sad for you and yes you've had a trying time this trip by the sounds of it. In my country the Maori people believe if a fantail flies into your house he is bringing a message of impending death so a universal phenomena by the sounds. Lots of lesson on the way for you this time. I've enjoyed your posts and the info and your eloquent writing and photos. Congrats and a christian hug from me for you.

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