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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Being Flexible

So I was walking into Astorga with another peregrina and we saw this huge billboard saying SPA HOTEL!  SPECIAL PRICE for pilgrims!  

We looked at each other. 

I said, "Should I call?  Should we split a double room?'

She said 'Heck yeah!" 

I called. 60 euros for a double smack dab next to the Gaudi Palace and Cathedral.  30 bucks each for a luxury room with no snoring, farting, coughing, mobile-phone-ringing pilgrims. 

We took it

I am now lying in my snowy white bed with my plump white pillows, looking out my terrace door at a beautiful garden, listening to classical music.   This is after my luxuriously long and hot spa shower. 

It sure beats the municipal albergue. 

So once again, I'm 5 euros over budget and if I eat out that will make it closer to 20 over. 

But you know what?
I'm sooooo happy!


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  1. Sounds like a bargain and right next to the Palace. A spa and a bit of luxury would seem so much more luxurious after walking. (John makes more notes).


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