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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Burgos Fiesta

Today they had a big Mass in the square in front of Burgos Cathedral. 
All the kids having their First Communion were there 
and there was a big parade in the street. 

Unfortunately I missed it. 
I was at the Museum of Evolution. 
But I managed to get in on the tail end of the dancing Gigantes
 and tapas they were serving. 
And I ran into mi amiga, Irma!

I ran into Sandra and Irma. Irma was having patatas bravas. We call these French fries with sauce. 

The tapas were great and how about that Soanish Bacon!?  Yum!  I think I'll grab a piece for my walk tomorrow. 

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  1. One things for sure; a language can be so much more quickly learned when it's associated with food, lol. Your friend has an unusual carrying bag?


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