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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Into Belorado

I'm not sure why the Camino diverts into Viloria because there is absolutely nothing there to see or do. The albergue is open according to the Internet but when I called about reservations I was simply told it was impossible. Not completo. Not cerrado. Just 'impossible' and it appeared to be shut up tight. 

Anyway, a person could save two k by walking the road because the Camino veeeeeers to the left through Viloria the veeeeers back to the road. It's nuts. 

The walk today is pretty but almost all is next to busy highway. 

I love the way they train the trees here to make arbors (arboles, get it?). And that light in the other photo?  It's what we are walking toward -Burgos!

Tomorrow I bus to Burgos for two days and hopefully will find some sunshine. I feel like missing the climb in this cold rain. Also, I want to see the museum again and this time will hopefully catch the bus to Atapuerca to see the dig site. 

Then, onto the meseta!


  1. Happy walking under the arbors and will try to miss Viloria when I get that far.

  2. Very strange to read about Refugio at Viloria. Especially since the owners are such aficionados of the Camino. Every one of my friends who stayed there says it was one of the best experiences on the Camino.
    Hope it is a temporary thing.

    1. I know. I was sadly surprised. I stayed there a few years back. That year the woman was angry about something but by evening had warmed up. They were nice folks and the place was sweet. Maybe they are sick or just away.

  3. Viloria de La Rioja is the birth place of Santo Domingo. The detour is welcome. Otherwise, it's the N120 all the time.
    Gunnar W. (Belgium)


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