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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Making Friends in Burgos

While I was waiting to check into my Burgos Hotel, another pilgrim arrived looking for a room for one night. We chatted and I offered her one of the twin beds in my double room AFTER asking "Do you snore??"

She assured me she was not a roncadora, so we shook hands and made a deal. She paid one half of last night's room, which means I'm not quite so over-budget for these two days in Burgos. It really helped out. 

On top of that, she turned out to be delightful company, listening to my life-stories and laughing about our various circumstances.  

She is a Theosophist, which was a fine surprise!  Little does she know how much we have in common. I will share more with her about that topic if we keep in touch. But it made me smile. 

She has promised to visit me in the desert and now I have someone to visit in Amsterdam who will enjoy the Ritman Library as much as I. Hooray!

When I first saw my 'luxury' room (as it was advertised) I was a bit downhearted. But this little pixi-ish peregrina quickly raised my spirits with her bright smile and positive attitude. 

Camino angels come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes. She is another Camino angel!

Her name is Sandra . She is from Netherlands and is the beauty on the right. The other beautiful pilgrim is Irma. I met her in Azofra and we continue to run into each other, as it goes on the Camino

We had a big breakfast this morning of eggs, FIVE pieces of bacon, bread, and coffee. Then we parted to go our own way. They will bus ahead to Leon tomorrow. I will walk the Meseta. I hope to meet them again up ahead. 

Buen Camino, Peregrinas!
I really enjoyed your company!

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  1. Goodness gracious -- a theosophist?! How wonderful! I haven't encountered one in years!

    Have a pleasant memory of eating at the Chinese restaurant near the bus station there (such a deal!)

    Looking forward to meseta reports.

    Fr. Jeffrey


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