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Monday, June 03, 2013

More San Bol Photos

I was happy to walk PAST Hornillos (bedbug city!)
and on to San Bol.

San Bol is a lovely place
with a friendly hospitalero. 

There is no electricity except for one hour at 6 pm 
when the generator was turned on to charge phones. 

There is a pretty place here where you can sit 
and soak your tired feet in the Agua Vida. 

Two locals came to collect water this afternoon.
 I could see that gifts were left.
This is a Holy Spring, 
known for its healing powers. 

The family style dinner was cooked
by the hospitalero 
and we all enjoyed a very peaceful sleep.


The Sacred Spring

MMMMmmmmmm… Paella!

Good Night!


  1. Ahh there were basins for soaking your feet in '11! There were also little placards about the pool healing your feet! I soaked my but good and, truly, by evening my feet were perfect, all the blisters dried up!

  2. That spring would be so welcome. I'd probably jump in it, lol.


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