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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Museum of Chocolate

I've been to Astorga many times and I have never visited the Museum of Chocolate. For 2,50 euros, it was pretty cool. However, my roommate wasn't happy with it. She says it was boring. 

I asked,'Did you watch the movie about how they make the chocolate?'

She scrunched up her face, 'WHAT movie?!'

I asked, 'Did you taste all the chocolate?'

I thought she was going to cry!  'Huh?!  Noooo!'

Well, no wonder you didn't like it. You have to pay attention!  Especially when you don't speak the language. 

Anyway, I probably ate 2,50 euros worth of samples. So to me, it was a great value and pretty darned interesting. 

But be sure to watch the movie. 

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  1. and it's good for you !! Apparently, lol. I'd be in there that's for sure.


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