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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One More Night

San Miguel's is lovely but between having a reaction to the joss-stick incense someone insisted on burning and some guy's phone that beeped all night every 20 minutes, I was exhausted this morning. 

So I've rented their private room and will stay in HdO one more night. Tomorrow, on to Astorga.

 I am, after all, in no hurry. 


  1. "I'm in no hurry..." And yet you do keep moving right ahead!

    If I were doing a solo walk I would have to be very careful in order not to be slowed to a snails pace by all the delightful distractions.

    Fe. Jeffrey

    1. Lol. Yes, but I'm taking some very short stages and I will still arrive in Santiago very early. Not sure what I will do then. Walk backwards! Walk to Muxia? I guess I will just wait and see. :)

  2. Are you still going to Little Fox House for five days as a Hospitalero (I know I spelled that wrong!). When do you expect to be in Santiago? Maybe you'll be able to see the documentary..if it's still there.


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