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Sunday, June 16, 2013


At Ponferrada, I stayed in the municipal albergue. This is a very nicely run albergue!  The rooms have only four beds. The kitchen is well equipped. There are many showers and toilets (some out on the other side of the chapel). And the staff is so pleasant!

This is a donativo albergue. 

I was able to share with three other women. They gave me a choice, which I appreciated very much. All in all a great experience!  

The walk this morning was nice and cool. Patty, this guy was in the square looking for you!


  1. Tell him I'll be there soon and I'll come see him and give him a hug!:) I'm signing as anonymous cause Google wants too much information.

  2. I've seen this fellow before somewhere ? Oh yer, Fred Astaire


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