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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The walk to Pieros

Sunny and warm, the walking was perfect today!  

I took some time to check out the tiny Capilla San Roque museum in Cacabellos. Some very nice statuary. 

By the way, wait until you get deep into the village to eat. There are many many bars and restaurants and the seem to get less expensive as you go. I saw a Pilgrim Menu for 6 euros!


  1. Lovely walk and I"m so glad it's (the weather) is getting better. Are you carrying you mochilla?
    Decided I'd better sign my name since I'm now anonymous.

    Patty M.

  2. Yes. I'm carrying it 99% of the time. Although if this rain, which has started again today, keeps up, I will probably transfer it more.

  3. Lots of interesting sports. I'll probably take a year to walk my camino.


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