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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To Eirexe

Leaving Portomarin you have a choice. You can go down to your left and over the bridge and make a climb back up to road level later; or you can just walk the road to Gonzo. 

I walk the road. It is not a busy road. I think I saw a total of 7 cars in two hours and the road is a gentle steady climb. I prefer it to the rocky dirt path. Once in Gonzo, I pretty much stayed on the Camino except at Hospital where it makes a very strange curve just to take you past a tiny village. 

The little schoolhouse albergue is still open. I stopped in to see it. It is very sweet, clean, and the hospitalera is a lovely kind lady. There are 10 bunks, all with new mattresses. I would have stayed here but I wanted to sleep in Eirexe and try out the pension there. 

Pension Meson is next to the municipal albergue. The bar across the way serves a nice menu and is open by 7 am for breakfast. The pension is spotless and has only 4 beds to a room!  For 10 euros I was very happy!  I shared with two German ladies and we had a quiet night's rest. Nobody snored. 

There were some tents in the field next door so camping is apparently possible here. 

And look what they are farming with. A good old John Deere tractor!  City slickers won't understand my excitement over a tractor, but bumpkins will!  LOL!

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  1. Looks wonderful. Think I'd want to stay there for weeks, lol.


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