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Friday, June 14, 2013

To Manjarin

Thank the gods, it was a spectacular day to walk!  The shy was blue, the sun was shining, and the walk was challenging but invigorating!

I saw a variety of wildlife today. The birds were so happy, lizards were sunning themselves, and even the salamanders were taking walks. 

I have my antibiotic ointment to a South Korean girl who had the worst blisters I have ever seen a few days ago. And today, who waltzed into Manjarin but my little friend!  We were so happy to see each other but she has had a heck of a time. And to make matters worse, as she was leaving, Tomas's cats began fighting, she happened to be in the way, and one laid a big old bite on her leg. I hope she stops in Molinaseca for a tetanus shot because it was a very deep bite!  Here is her photo before the attack. 

I asked a pilgrim to take my photo at the Cruz de Ferro. I'm losing a good bit of weight. I have to tighten my belt almost every day. That's one reason to keep walking!

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