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Sunday, June 23, 2013

To Portomarin

I took a little detour into the church cemetery. I'm always interested in cemeteries. Must be the Maude in me. 

I stopped for bacon and eggs at the village past Ferreiros. It was soooo good! 
I met four Americans there from SLC. There sure are a lot of Americans on the Camino this year. Are they all unemployed? 

Everywhere I look there is mullein blooming. This is the time to collect those yellow blossoms and make mullein-garlic oil. 

I was shocked at how high the water is in the Embalse!  I've never seen it this high. 

I opted for a private room at Ultreia. It was a great reunion!  I love those folks!

A shower, an electronic foot massage, and a bag of cherries later, I'm ready for a short siesta. 


  1. Isn't this where we had the party on my and Linda's terrace? That looks like our room. Almost to you feeling?

  2. O my gosh the river looks so high compared to last year!

  3. That's for sure! The ruins aren't visible. I'm hoping to get more photos of them next year, if the river's not as high. they've had a lot of crazy weather there this year.

  4. Sounds like my cuppa tea :)

  5. That's where I stayed as well, wonderful people... have they fixed the door to the balcony with the washing machines. I got locked Ultreia Annie, have been following your blog. Ingrid the Canadian

    1. I think so! It wasn't broken. I almost cry when I leave that place.


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