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Monday, June 17, 2013

To Trabadelo

The road route is what I decided on. After leaving Villafranca, this turned into a fairly quiet roadside walk with the river to my left blocking out any traffic noise. I think I only saw maybe 10 cars the entire way to  Trabadelo

I arrived at Trabadelo and decided on the private albergue Crispeta. They offer private rooms for 22 euros, rooms with 6 bunks for 6 euros and rooms with 5 twin beds for 8 euros. 

I chose the latter. So far I have 3 Italian roommates. 

I'm pleased to have lost a few more pounds. My tummy is almost flat now!  Maybe I will start doing crunches to try to get rid of this last bit of fat. 


I ordered a Pilgrim Menu for 10 euros. I haven't done that in a while. The salad was simple but quite good and fresh. The chicken?  Well, I'm not entirely sure what parts of the bird I was eating, but they were fried in garlic and that makes ANYTHING taste good!

The front of the bar was beautifully hand carved by a local octogenarian.  

Next post will be the Albergue photos. 

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  1. Nice, you're fading away, lol. The walkway certainly is right by the road but looks easy going.


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