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Sunday, June 09, 2013

To Vilar de Mazarife

Today's walk to Vilar de Mazarife brought back memories of my very first Camino. There was a cold wind blowing but it let up soon after my arrival at Albergue Jesus. 

The famous pirate ship is still here. The pool is empty and it feels like there is a sculpture missing?  There is still pilgrim art covering the walls, but the place has recently been repainted, so the art work is new. It's fun to read all the messages!

I was lucky to come across a procession at the San Froilan church in Virgen del Camino. It was beautiful and a nice way to start the day. I've posted a photo. 

Speaking of starts, there was nothing open for breakfast when I left Leon at 5:30 this morning. By the time I reached Virgen del Camino I was ready to eat my arm!  Being that hungry, I was easily reeled into the first open bar on the right after you pass the petrol station. The name of the place is Bar Desayuno. The waiters were (literally) out on the sidewalk greeting you and encouraging you to come in. I took the bait and was shocked when my small glass of orange juice, small coffee, and slice of tortilla cost more than last night's Pilgrim Plate in Leon!  My advice is to just keep walking!  There were plenty of other open bars further up the street!

Camping. To those who would camp, I have yet to find one stage where it would be impossible. A good stealth camper with a very small inconspicuous tent or bivy should have no problems and today's walk was no different. There were some especially nice places between here (Vilar de Mazarife) and the last two villages. Sorry, I don't have the map in front of me. 

I had a peek inside an old abandoned bodega along the way. These little houses are partially underground , like hobbit houses, and are for storing wine and other items requiring a cool constant temperature. They are usually lovingly cared for. But of course if there are no children to pass them to, they fall into disrepair. It's unfortunate, really. And there is something inside me that wanted to take a broom and a bucket of hot soapy water to this one and fix it up. I could live there quite happily!  I think I inherited that nesting tendency from Ma, my maternal grandmother. I look at a worn down place and see what it could be. And I immensely enjoy the fixing up part!

The skies are still partially cloudy. But the sun is shining and the forcast is that we will have 80 degrees by mid week. About time!

I couldn't figure out why my phone minutes were disappearing so fast. I found a Vodafone in Leon and discovered the text messages to and from my son in Oregon were costing about 80 cents EACH!  Yikes! He told me to go to my settings and turn off SMS. Hopefully that will fix the problem. 

I'm looking forward to a short 15 k to Hospital de Orbigo tomorrow. Time for a quick siesta!


Leaving Leon

Iglesia San Froilan was having a Procession

Door on old house

Looked like they left in a hurry

I'm loving the walk today!

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  1. I remember the bar in Virgen del Camino after the gas station. It's one the few places they refuse to give a sello without consuming.
    And I needed so badly a stamp of the place with most inspirational name :-)
    Gunnar W.


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