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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

May Your Days Be Sweet - and Edible!

Today I spent the crisp fall morning 
picking chanterelles in the nearby coastal forest.
I took my daughter-in-law to my "secret conching grounds."
She was thrilled and we had a wonderful time in the woods!

It's good to take time to live and breathe.
It reminds me of being on the Camino - not rushing to be anywhere - 
just living. 
Isn't that what life is all about?

Not rush hour.
Not shopping.
Not new clothes or the latest toy.
But living,
spending time with family and friends,
 and loving.

This week,
I am reading a little book by Waverly Fitzgerald 
called "Slow Time."

In it, I found this gem today.
I thought I'd share it:

"We have forgotten that our only goal is to live 
and that we live each day 
and that at every hour of the day 
we are reaching our true goal if we are living ... 
The days are fruits and our role is to eat them."
                                                                                                     -Jean Giono, Fullness of Days

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