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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Got My Ticket Today!

Well, today my new passport arrived and with that in hand,
 I bought my ticket to Madrid. 

And the price was fantastic!
I paid only $980 on United to fly round trip to Madrid.

So I'm a real girl.

Now, I have to decide on one of two routes to take before meeting up with the others in Pamplona on May 18/19:

The Ossau Route beginning in Laruns, France, and walking down through the Pyrenees into Jaca and onto the Camino Aragones, then directly into Pamplona.


Picking up the Via de la Plata in Caceres, where I left off last year and continuing on to either Salamanca or Zamora.

The VDLP route is about 100-150 euros less expensive, and I like the thought of continuing on and completing the route perhaps next year.

But that Ossau Route is spectacular!

Oh decisions, decisions…

Any feedback from prior pilgrims?

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