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Monday, February 03, 2014

Caceres to Zamora

Well, we have pinned down our walking route for 2014.

We will fly into Madrid, then take a bus to Caceres.
The bus costs 25,15 euros and is an Avanza bus.
There is also the possibility of a train and using the Tarjeta Dorada, 
we might get as much as a 40% discount on our tickets.

If you are over 60, and plan any train travel in Spain,
the Tarjeta Dorada (Golden Ticket) is an excellent value for 5 euros.
On almost any day, it will give you a discount on your train travel,
and sometimes other places will honor it.
I was able to get quite a discount at the ruins in Merida when I showed the card.
You can purchase it directly from the window at the train stations.

Here is more information on the Tarjeta Dorada:

In Caceres, we have booked rooms in Albergue las Veletas.
At 30 Euros per night for a double twin room, this is a good value.
I stayed here last year in a single and found it to be in an excellent location,
clean, and friendly.

From Caceres, our walking schedule looks as follows:

Cesar de Caceras 11km - Municipal Albergue - (18 places, Donativo)
Embalsa de Alcantara 20km - Albergue Turistico - (15 Euros each - reserved)
Grimaldo 19.5km - Municipal Albergue - (15 places, Donativo)
Gallisteo 19.5km - Municipal (12 places, 10 Euros)
Olivia de Plasencia 30 km - Albergue - (20 Euros each - reserved)
Aldanueva 23 km - Casa de mi Abuela (15 Euros each with breakfast - reserved)
La Calzada de Bejar 21.8 km - Albergue Alba y Sorraya ( 28 places - 10 Euros each - reserved)
Fuenteroble - Parroquiel 20.2 km (70 places - Donativo)
San Pedro de Rosados 28 km - Albergue El Milario (10 places, 10 Euros each)
Salamanca 24 km - Hotel Alda Plaza Mayor ($56.70 for 2 nights - reserved)
El Cubo - Albergue Torre de Sabre - reserved
Villanueva de Campean 13 km - Municipal (16 places, 6 Euros each)
Zamora 18 km - Municipal (36 places, Donativo)

From Zamora, we will but to Vitoria-Gastiez where we have booked spendy beds in the Albergue de la Catedral for 18 Euros each. I've stayed in this albergue before and despite the cost, it's a very nice little place. I'm happy to stay here again. 

From Vitoria, next day we will take a bus to Pamplona, where we will meet up with some of our walking group. The others arrive next day and on May 21, we taxi to St. Jean Pied de Port to begin our Camino Frances trek.

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