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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Beauty at a Cost

I pride myself in being low-maintenance.
I take showers and wash my hair.
I brush my teeth.
I use coconut oil when my skin is dry.
I keep my hair cut short.

Except for that - what you see is what you get.

A Facebook friend recently posted a photo of an old time permanent machine.
It sent my mind racing back into time and the bizarre things
we women (and men) do out of vanity.

Here is a treasury of memories…

Oh my!

Before Sun Screen we just covered up!

This machine measures your face for imperfections

Dusting a wig

How we got curls

These hairstyles would give me a headache!

RADIUM cream????!!

For puffy faces...

Removing freckles with CO2

If I were a child seeing this, I'd be traumatized!
Cures for baldness, including radiation!

Complexion Aid.

This and the one above were REALLY to increase bust size.
Here it is again...

 Pretty scary, huh?

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