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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is in Annie's Backpack?

Well, only 2 more sleeps and I'm off to Madrid!
I'm really excited!

Today I called my bank ONE MORE TIME to be sure the Traveler's Alert was set.
I also got my backpack all packed up!
I thought you might be interested to see what I take on a 6 week Camino walk.

First, what I will be wearing:

Black Macabi Skirt
Money Belt (both in beltloops and another one sewn into my skirt - see Blog)
Black short sleeve shirt (to be discarded in Madrid)
Black fleece (old one to be discarded in Madrid)
Black fleece leggings (it gets COLD on those planes!)
Wool socks

Next, what will be in my pockets:

Change purse

Vogmask (Face Mask)
Flight Spray (nose spray to keep me from getting cold/flu)
NO JET LAG pills
(It all packs up into this little bag I made from a recycled sweater.)

In my backpack I have packed the following items:

Another Macabi Skirt
1 short sleeved merino wool tee
1 short sleeved gauze shirt
1 long sleeved tee
1 long sleeved gauze shirt (for sun)
3 underwear
3 socks

My Brierley Map Book
My Anniewalkers Walking Booklet
Bus tickets for my group

Sleeping Bag

Elastic Clothesline
Safety pins for hanging clothes
1/3 bar of cold water laundry hand wash soap

Liggets Shampoo bar
Scrubby cloth
Sea to Summit Wet Sack  (for taking electronics into shower with me)
Green and White Cotton Towel (see in last photo)

Extra glasses
Sleep Mask
Hearos Ear Plugs
Plug Adapter

Duct Tape
Deodorant (in tiny red case)
nail clippers (keep those toenails SHORT)
Small plastic jars of ibuprofin, gaviscon (reflux), and benedryl (sleep)
Fluimucil and Flumil packets (2 of each)
2 Bandaids
All of this will go in a tiny red bag you'll see further down.

Camino Buff
Cashmere hat
Rain pants
Altus poncho (in next photo - red)
Merino Wool Sweater (not shown)

 * * *

All this packs up into these various stuff sacks to keep it organized.

I am also taking a water bladder for the walk from Madrid to Sahagun,
but will most likely switch to bottles when I get up on the Camino Frances.
There are long stretches with no services on the Madrid route,
so I thought I'd better take a bladder.

And that's it!
Here is my pack, all ready to go!
And all of THAT goes into my backpack which weighs exactly 13 pounds!

It measures:

If I have to, I can take the sweater out and carry it.

One last thing will be in my pocket (the Macabi Skirt has HUGE pockets).
That would be my guidebook/journal!
I have begun making my own for these trips.
Inside I have all the information I need, including flight information, hotel reservations, calendars.
Everything has been printed at 50% and glued inside or handwritten.
It's my Camino Bible!
I paid $1 for the little book at Office Depot!

That's it!
I'm packed


Tomorrow will be last minute double-triple checking.
I'll pick up Joe and bring him to my house to spend the night.
Our friend, Patty Moak, who was on one of our 2012 Treks, 
has offered to drive us to the airport.

Getting close...

Buen Camino!


  1. Buen Camino!
    I feel excited too...

  2. Such a good post because I can use it to help me load my backpack for training hikes!


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