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Wednesday, June 04, 2014


We are loving Astorga!  
Such a pretty town 
and we are staying at The Hotel Spa Ciudad de Astorga.
 It's beautiful!

We spend a lot of time taking photos of our food!  Here are some pics of our lunch at - oh!  I can't remember the name!  I'll post it later. Barbara will know! She has become our chief navigator and is the person I ask when I need directions. That girl always has a map on her hands!  Above is Barbara in front of the Gaudi Palace. Looks like Cinderella's castle. 

A hot garbanzo salad. 

Ensalada Mixta

Mushroom soup with shrimp. 

Big juicy hake steak


Bacalau (salt cod)

This blog is becoming a food blog!

After lunch we went shopping. I had to buy an umbrella. I left mine in Logrono. Also, my wool undershirt bit the dust so I replaced it with a bamboo one. Bamboo! Sounds so bizarre. But it is soft and warm and the man promised it would last longer than the smartwool. 

We found Chantal the perfect backpack!

And I made a date with Merlin.  I , after all, husband hunting!  He promise to help me out!

We stayed in the square to watch the clock strike.  Turned out to be a non-event and nothing to write home about. I though those figures were going to chase each other around, not just strike the bell. Oh well. Now I can say I saw it. :)

Last stop was the supermarket for picnic supplies. Tomorrow we walk to Rananal del Camino. 

I'm ready!

Buen Camino!


  1. Don't forget to post the name of that restaurant! I'd fly to Spain today just for that ensalada mixta.


    1. Paul reminded me it is Restaurant Serrano!


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