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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Burgos' Secret

Burgos was lovely as always. 

Our Hotel Fernan Gonzales was fantastically decorated almost to the point of being gaudy. Easy to find, from the bus station walk toward the cathedral, turn right, then right again; a 5 minutes walk!

I had a room with a jet tub!! 
I don't know how that happened?!

I have so many great photos of the cathedral I don't know where to start. 
It is a 'do not miss' attraction!

After, I found the Burgos Museum. This is not the same as the archaeology museum. Usual fee is only 1,30 but it was free on Saturday and had a lot of items found at Atapuerca and other sites in Spain. Most interesting to me were the Roman era tombstones. Most people appeared to have died in their teens to 50's. 

I'm always amazed at the glass. We don't think of people during Christ's time using glass, but they certainly did!

There were many treasures here worth seeing. I think this is Burgos' secret jewel!

I arrived late in the day and had to rush but will return here again. 
It's a small museum but well worth seeing!


  1. Never heard of this one before!

    I still think that you need to visit Las Huelgas! Going to Burgos without seeing Las Huelgas is like going to London without seeing Westminster Abbey!



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