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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


It's 10 after 11. 
Why am I wide awake ?
I have no idea.

It was a short day for me. 
I only walked about 8 kilometers today. 
Barbara, Jack and I taxied the rest of the route. 

We arrived to a nice fire in the fireplace.  
 Such an inviting, comfie place! 
 Casa Reloj is a beautiful old farmhouse filled with antiques. 
It's fascinating just to look around. 
It's almost like a museum. 

After settling in,
 we had a huge dinner at the Meson Ponte de Romano, 
famous for its food!  
Barbara and I had roast lamb. 
Jack had local trout.
 It was exceptional!

I'm sleeping in the crow's nest tonight.
 I just love this room!  
I consider these two rooms at the top of the spiral staircase
 to be the two best rooms in the house. 

You can look down over the rooftops of the village and dream. 

From my bed I can count the stars. 

And look who stood watch outside today!

What more could I ask for?
I love my life!
I am blessed!

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