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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Palas de Rei

The morning began with breakfast.
 I had Cola Cao and just look at Jack's cafe con leche!

We stayed at Apartamentos Guillermo and it was wonderful!

Barbara cooked a great tuna pasta dinner.
Chantal and Pat made salad and bought a cake.
Gary brought the wine.
We feasted!
 It was a great bonding time. 

The rooms there are quite nice.
Anniewalkers had been staying at Pension Palace
but I think this will change next year. 

We had two apartments which meant two kitchens and two living rooms! 
Jack used one for his Tai Chi. 

The bedrooms were bright and comfortable. 

Rates were reasonable. 

The manager, Luis, was very helpful!  He took me to pick up my bag at another hotel and then delivered Jack and I to the fisiotherapista for much needed massage. 

Th 'complete' massage for 36 euros was quite an experience.  It was a cold room. I was pretty much naked except for two towels I asked for to cover strategic places. And the receptionist kept just walking in and chatting as though I wasn't there. I guess if you've seen one butt you've seen them all!  

The massage was strong - on the edge of being painful. When I asked what type of massage it was, she said 'deportivo' or sports massage. I cried out a few times and nearly kicked her in the teeth twice. But it worked and I felt much better the next day!

If you are in Palas de Rei, try the massage!

No, really!

Love, Annie

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