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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rabanal del Camino

The walk to Rabanal is flat and easy.
It is a pretty stretch. 

I was sad to see the beautiful old Pilgrim Tree blew down this year! 
 I sat and had lunch by the stump, 
remembering how majestic the tree had been in past years.

Joe at the Pilgrim Oak in 2012
 From the looks of it, though, it was completely hollow which probably led to its demise. 
A good reminder of how important it is not only to have roots, 
but a good strong core. 

The Pilgrim Oak 2014  :(

Rabanal is one of my favorite stops on the Camino. 
And El Refugio is my favorite  Hostal there. 

One reason is the staff. 
They are always friendly and helpful. 
Christina handles the rooms.
Her brother runs the bar. 
And man, oh, man, can her sister cook!

We had a great dinner! 
The fish soup is sooooooop good!

After a beautiful meal,
 most of my group attended Vespers at the church across the street.
 I stayed home and caught up on laundry. 

It was a good day!

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