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Friday, June 06, 2014

To Villafranca

The morning began with ominous clouds and graffiti-covered waymarks, making it confusing to explain how to leave town. In fact, I told Paul to follow the arrows behind the hotel, but he brought to my attention that there WERE no arrows behind the hotel. They've all been covered up by graffiti!
But everyone seemed to find their way. 

We were treated to the sight of several dozen storks feeding in a field. 
They must have been after frogs. 
Poor poor froggies!

I saw the biggest, bushiest, healthiest mullein plant I have ever seen!  
If I had been home, it would have been harvested on the spot!  
This one would make a lot of ear oil!

More ominous skies...

I ate THE best hamburguesa, hands down, in Cacabelos at this open air market. 

It was 3,50 and I swear, it was so good I think I'll move there!
  Look for an open market with this mural inside. 

Then find the Kabab place and order up !

They also had some pretty good looking fish and while I was eating, the butcher brought in a whole skinned goat.

It reminded me why I feel so healthy here.

The food is FRESH!  
The bread was baked today. 
The fish was caught today. 
The lamb slaughtered today. 
The eggs were laid today. 
The tomatoes and lettuce and cherries were picked TODAY!  

It makes a huge difference in your body when you feed it good healthy FRESH food!

I also stopped at the tiny church that is now a museum. Just wanted to leave a donation and take a few photos. 

Then a quick visit at another church to see this gorgeous window!

All in all it was a good day!  

I took the long route into Villafranca. I should have walked the road. I was pretty fried by the time I reached Villafranca and have 3 lovely toe blisters to show for my trip.

But then Livia picked me up at the edge of town and drove me to la Piedra.  I was ever so grateful!

Tomorrow we taxi to O Cebreiro, then to Triacastela and walk to Sarria. 

From that point, anyone in the group wanting the actual Compostela must walk every step of the way. They've had two weeks of training. Wish them luck!

Buen Camino!

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  1. The very thought of a good donar kebob make my mouth water.

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