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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A VERY cool HAT!

Today I got a surprise in the mail!

One of my Anniewalkers, Barbara,
 sent me this AWESOME hat directly from China!

I had seen several Korean pilgrims wearing these 
and happened to say out loud, 
"That would be a great hat to wear on the Camino in the hot sun!"

Barbara took note, 
and I'll be darned if one didn't show up in today's mail.


Won't I be the height of fashion!
And… no sunburn!
The attached scarf completely shields the back of your neck
and the sides of your face,
places that got quite sunburned on my last walk!

This hat is definitely going on my next Camino!

(I probably won't wear the face mask, 
but it is very cool and you can see just fine through the screen.)

Thanks, Barbara!


  1. I think this sort of thing is illegal in some states. Don't know about Spain.


    1. Hahaha! I really don't expect to wear the veil part. But the part that covers my neck and the sides of my face are great! That's where I was most sunburned.


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