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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Arzua to Pedrouzo

The fact is, by the time I reach this point, I'm so ready to be in Santiago, I don't take many photos!

But here are a few notes.

Two of my favorite places in Pedrouzo are Pension Maribel and Pension Arco.
They both are on a side street of Pedrouzo, and there are two ways to get there.
One is via the regular Camino. One is a shortcut through shaded forest. Google Maps will show you both routes.

Pension Arca is right next door to Pension Maribel. Both are lovely.

Pension Arca has a nice back yard where you can hang out and rest.

Nice bedrooms

The obligatory pilgrim clothes waashing basin

Pension Maribel is my FIRST choice because Pension Arca uses fragrance, which hurts my head.

You will find these clothes drying racks all long the Camino. Bring safety pins instead of clothespins so your clothes don't blow off (or walk away).

The black road is the regular Camino. You can take the yellow shortcut to Maribel.

 Both Maribel and Arco will take reservations.

Tomorrow you will arrive in Santiago. If you leave by 8 am, you should be walking into the city by noon.

My advice regarding getting your Compostela?  Check the pilgrim office on your way into town. If there is a long long line, find out what time they open in the morning and get in line 1/2 hour earlier the next morning. Today, go rest, have a drink, and enjoy Santiago!

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