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Friday, February 12, 2016

Sarra to Portomarin

2009 Autumn
Municipal albergue in Sarria

Drying Corn

Resting at Morgade

Waiting for lunch


Why do people do this???

Dinner at Municipal in Portomarin

2014 Spring

Picking kale for Caldo Verde

The important milepost!

2012 Spring

My favorite stop in Portomarin is Albergue Ultreia!

2013 Spring

This is the albergue at Ferrerios

Wow!  This is the first time I'd seen the embalse so full!

This is what the old town looked like before they flooded it.
To see really great photos, visit Albergue Ultreia in Portomarin

2014 Autumn

This made me so angry. WHY do people think they have the right to write on ancient stones?

Horreo - used for storing grain

Joe was walking into a sundog

Stopping for lunch

Shoes after 2 Caminos this year - Thank God for duct tape!

This church was in the old village of Portomarin.
It was moved, brick by brick, up to the new village.

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