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Sunday, March 06, 2016

An Alternative Option to the ALTUS Poncho

Dori models her Bluefield Raincoat

A while back, I reviewed the Bluefield Lightweight Raincoat and the truth was I hated it!

But today, a Facebook Friend, Dori Yacono, put up a photo of the Bluefield HEAVYweight Raincoat and by golly, it looks like a great option to the more expensive ALTUS!

Though it is billed as heavyweight, the weight is listed as 14 ounces.
This is less than the 15 ounces of the ALTUS Atmospheric and about the same as the 14 ounces of the ALTUS raincoat.

The price on Amazon PRIME today is $26 - $32, depending on the size you order. That's less than the ALTUS.

I love the bright orange color - traffic will see you.
And I especially love the reflective strips on arms and waist.

I see that there is a drawstring at the waist which is nice.

And I love that the back is longer, to protect your legs from droplets coming off the pack cover.

This coat comes with a clear plastic shield, but Dori didn't like it so she cut it off. I think I'd probably cut it off too, and just use it over my hat brim.

Here is what the ad says:

  • Protects you and your backpack from heavy wind and rain in one easy-to-wear raincoat
  • Made of high-quality, ultra waterproof 210T Terylene fabric, with reflective strips on arms and waist
  • Equipped with a highly-protective transparent front hood to block harsh winds and rain without impeding visibility (see pictures)
  • Back can easily be buttoned for use without a backpack (see picture)
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry at only 14.5 ounces (0.9 lbs) and 7.5 inches by 4 inches when in bag

And here are some more photos:

Here is a link to the Amazon PRIME ad for this raincoat:

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